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Change and a Boulevard of Postponed Dreams Part 1

What do we say to the god of writer’s block and procrastination? Not today. I haven’t done any creative writing in many weeks. I was in a trance and handling some transitional moments with a boatload of distractions. I couldn’t bring myself to concentrate on some of the things I do as a pastime. Now… Continue reading Change and a Boulevard of Postponed Dreams Part 1


The Dark Apology

It was a wild ride into the terror of rerouting back to where we began. It was walking down the dark side of our relationship. I was deeply engrossed on myself that I lost track of us. We used to have broad, compelling conversations — the kind that make one give a satisfying look at hell. I… Continue reading The Dark Apology


The Huduma Namba Furore

When President Uhuru Kenyatta officially launched the Huduma Number countrywide registration exercise in Machakos County on Tuesday, April 2, 2019 he chided the religious leaders for associating it with the Number of the Beast (666). This might remind you of the 1951 objection by religious groups into being part of the American Social Security Program,… Continue reading The Huduma Namba Furore


The Cost of Making an App

Jambo Science


The mobile applications market has been flourishing. A lot of people are interested in applications for communication, games , business , food , sports , lifestyle and pretty much everything else.  The best part is that applications are not as expensive as many people would like to imagine. The majority of the resources that enables creation of an application are freely available.

Let’s first look at the cost of application development and the main considerations

The platform, complexity and talent involved matters a lot. The primary factors that usually influence development costs include:

  • Business
  • Functionality
  • Platform
  • Design
  • Development


The need to build app will be anchored on the business plan and the business model that will bring in revenue. These are what will determine the cost that will be required to build an app.

Some other important aspects include how the app will be monetized, whether money will be…

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